Dobies Online Gift Vouchers

We have put together a handy guide to ensure purchasing and redeeming your Online Gift Vouchers is a hassle-free process. Online Gift Vouchers can be purchased from £5 - £250.

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Purchasing an Online Gift Voucher.

  1. Visit the Gift Voucher page (example screenshot shown below)

  2. When you first arrive on the page, the voucher amount defaults to £5 - you can change the voucher amount simply by clicking into the field marked 'Value'. You'll then see a list of all the Gift Voucher Amounts available. (see screenshot below)

  3. When you have chosen the amount, please wait for a very short time whilst the page confirms the amount you've selected.
  4. Click the 'Add to Basket' button to add the voucher to your shopping basket and you'l then be taken to the 'personalisation' screen where you can enter your gift message (see below)

  5. If you are ready to make your payment, just click the 'View Basket' button and then 'Proceed to Checkout' button, see below:

  6. After completing your purchase, you'll receive two confirmation emails, our standard 'Order Confirmation' email and a 'Gift Voucher Confirmation' email. The 'Gift Voucher Confirmation' email contains a unique 16-digit code, personal gift message and amount. This email will need forwarding to the recipient but we are working on a change to our systems which will change this. See below:

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Redeeming your Online Gift Voucher.

  1. After you've added the items to your shopping basket and you're ready to make your purchase, proceed to the checkout and enter your unique 16-digit code into the 'Voucher Code' field within the 'Vouchers' section of the checkout page. Click the 'Add' button.

  2. Once you've entered your 16-digit voucher code successfully, you'll see the details of this voucher, i.e. voucher code, value, amount redeemed, amount remaining and an expiry date.
  3. If you have more than one voucher code you wish to use, enter your unique 16-digit code into the 'Voucher Code' field in the 'Vouchers' section of the checkout page. Click the 'Add' button.
  4. If you haven't entered your code correctly you will see a screen like the one below:

  5. As long as you have sufficient voucher amounts remaining to cover the cost of the total goods in your basket, simply click the 'Pay Using Vouchers' or the 'Complete Order' button to complete your purchase.

  6. If the total of goods in the checkout exceeds any voucher funds remaining, you will have to provide additional credit/debit card details. You will not see the 'Pay Using Vouchers' button, you will see an 'Amount left to pay' with an amount, see an example of this below:

  7. Any partially redeemed vouchers will remain on your account until such a time that they have either been used or expired. The screen below simply confirms the message you will see if trying to remove a part redeemed voucher.

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Terms & Conditions of use.

These conditions apply to Online Gift Vouchers which have a 16-digit code containing letters and numbers. online gift vouchers must be redeemed on the website towards the purchase of eligible products listed in our catalogue and sold by

  1. Online Gift Vouchers cannot be used to pay for Online Gift Vouchers or the paper alternative.
  2. Online Gift Vouchers are sent by e-mail to the account holder who purchased the voucher and will need forwarding to the recipient.
  3. Online Gift Vouchers have no cash redemption value and are not transferable, assignable and cannot be exchanged.
  4. Online Gift Vouchers (16 digit codes) cannot be redeemed by phone or post only at
  5. Any unused gift voucher funds remaining will be retained within the recipient's account and show at the checkout page when logged in.
  6. If the order exceeds the amount of the Online Gift Voucher funds remaining, the balance must be paid using a credit/debit card or Paypal.
  7. All unused portions of Online Gift Vouchers will expire within 1 year from the date of issue. The expiry date will show at the checkout page when logged in.
  8. If a gift voucher has been given as part of a competition or 3rd party offer, only one gift voucher can be used per houshold
  9. Normal terms and conditions of purchase and use of the website apply.
  10. One or more Online Gift Vouchers can be redeemed against an order.
  11. is not responsible for any Online Gift Voucher that is lost, stolen, destroyed or used without permission.
  12. Online Gift Vouchers are non refundable purchases.
  13. All other non-online Gift Vouchers cannot be redeemed on the website but must be redeemed by either post or phone.
  14. Dobies reserve the right to cancel or invalidate all coupons, vouchers and offers where it is believed that such benefits may have been gained by inappropriate means

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Last updated: 18th February 2013